Status Update - FCI 2014

October 20 The videos are no longer for sale. I hope everyone enjoyed the videos from FCI 2014 in Luxembourg.

Saturday Sept 27 The new Large Team Agility has been broken up into two separate files and is available for download. Redownload the zip file on the Download page to get the new torrent files.

Friday Sept 26 It seems there might be a problem with the Large Team Agility download. I will upload a new one Friday night and make a .torrent file for it. I have taken the exisiting one offline.

Thursday Sept 25 If you bought the DOWNLOAD option you can access it at this page

FCI Agility World Championship 2014 Luxembourg

D'Coque LuxembourgAgility Vision is very excited to announce that we will be live streaming the 2014 FCI Dog Agility World Championship in Luxembourg on September 11-14, 2014. You can read more about it here:

As a side note this will most likely be my last dog agility event and what an event it will be. The FCI events have been by far my favorite event that I have attended over the years. I went to my first one in Norway in 2007, and I remember it felt like how imagine the Olympics to be and wished it didn't have come to an end. 

So the "dog agility" chapter of my life is coming to an end. I haven't run a dog in for several years. But I will always remeber the great times I had with my Corgi Pluto.

Also this mean that I will not be doing any other events this year that I've done over the years. This includes the ACK Nationals, AKC World Team Tryouts, WAO Championship and FCI European Open. I'm sure someone else will step up.

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